“Your art has a very musical quality to it. Flow, stops and rests all blending together. Fantastic!” – Brian

“I highly recommend Lori for not only paintings, but also her art books. I own a painting of hers and it makes me happy to see it every single day. Her work is energetic and gives off a happy vibe in my home.” – Jaime, New Harmony, Indiana

“Lori uses amazing color in her abstracts. The movement and use of shapes create beautiful paintings that would look great in any room of your home or office. The use of her minimalist palette amazes me of the colors she provides in her art. I have bought one of her art books from Amazon, which I have enjoyed learning from.” – Vicki, Evansville, Indiana

I prefer Lori’s abstracts, but her portrait interpretations are very cool also. She is just a Super Cool Artist.” – Irma, Austin, Texas

“Lori does wonderful work. Her work really shows how talented she is. Not only in abstract work but also in many other areas. I would highly recommend her for commissioned pieces as well.” – Kari, Evansville, Indiana

“While no two abstracts are the same, she provides an experience to make the beginner more comfortable with the materials needed to make such art.” – Tabatha, Evansville, Indiana

“I have one of Lori’s mini abstract paintings and I love it! It’s such a fun, playful piece!” – Abby, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“We purchased 3 paintings & love all of them.” – Debbie, Evansville, Indiana

“Beautiful use of color in both abstract and figurative works. About 5 years ago I commissioned 5 paintings to decorate my business and they turned out wonderful! Very reasonable prices for original artwork as well.” – Jeremy, Boston, Massachussetts

“I bought a painting of Lori’s for my wife who fell in love with it after seeing it at an art show. She is a very talented artist.” – Mike, Evansville, Indiana

“So excited to purchase today a new piece titled “She’s the Life of the Party” which brings back fond memories of my younger days. Love this artist!” – Diana, Crossville, Tennessee