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Art Lesson 30-Second Sample

Hello…I am so excited to be offering abstract art instructional videos. I just uploaded my first one a couple days ago. Here is a short clip — a sampling of what you get with a full-length video. Not only do I paint with you, but I also give you abstract art tips along the way.

Sample clip from my most recent abstract instruction video

Teaching is enjoyable for me as I used to teach computer classes. I taught everything from Microsoft Office to Adobe Illustrator. Of course, that was in a previous life. 😉 So now I am venturing into teaching art.

I started offering one-on-one abstract art classes right before the pandemic hit, around February. Of course, in person teaching was a COVID-19 casualty for me, and for many others. Since then, I’ve been tossing around the idea of virtual art lessons, but decided to try it out just this last week.

One of the many reasons I paint is that it helps with my mental health. I find that painting serves as a form of meditation for me, which helps keep me feeling well. Painting is a wonderful wellness tool. If you are a painter, do you find painting to be healing? I sure do.

Be well. Stay safe. ❤

abstract art, art classes

Abstract Art Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create abstract paintings fueled by emotions and driven by intuition? You feel a sense of freedom when painting abstracts and are able to unleash your emotions onto the canvas. I truly believe painting is a great mental health self-care tool. It’s something I have used for ten years to help me stay well.

Additionally, painting can help boost your self esteem and give you a sense of purpose. It’s something I have to look forward to, and I want to share this with you.

I just love the act of creation itself — the process of painting. I use intuition in combination with basic art principles to create my abstract works. In the beginning and middle of painting my piece, I let my intuition guide everything. Then towards the end of the painting, I refine the composition, adjust colors, and anything else that needs to be done. And I can’t wait to show you my process.

At this point I’m planning to include 4-5 videos in this first class. The videos will include a step-by step demonstration of me painting a piece from start to finish.

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