Art Leasing

Love a piece of artwork but you aren’t ready to fully commit to purchasing? Try living with the artwork in your space for several months or longer. If you decide you want to purchase the piece, your leasing fees will be applied towards the purchase price of the artwork. This is a perfect way to see how a piece will look in your space without a commitment. Leasing is suitable for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc, and businesses can list the leasing fees as operating expenses.

The minimum leasing period is one month, and leased pieces combined must equal two hundred dollars ($200) or more in regular sales price. For example, a 20 x 20 painting typically leases for $30/month. You can lease one piece or several to meet the $200 sales price requirement, but your monthly fee may only equal $30. As long as your lease fee equals $30/month, that is all I require for eligibility. Lease fees for individual pieces are adjusted accordingly, based on sales price, size, and other factors.

See samples of artwork.