Artist Resources

I have found some really useful apps, awesome art materials, and other resources that have helped me in my art career. This is a list of those resources, and it is always a work in progress. Check back often for updates.

Art Materials

Glass Cutting Board Palette

I have been using a large glass palette for several years that sits on my studio table. But if you don’t have a big piece of glass to use, and especially if you paint smaller pieces, you can simply use the smooth side of a glass cutting board. When you are finished painting, and after the paint dries, you can spray it with water, then scrape it off with a glass scraper. Then paint, repeat, paint, repeat… 🙂

Glass painting palette

Condiment Squeeze Bottles as Paint Dispensers

Since switching over to Nova Color acrylic paints, I needed a good way to dispense the paint from the jars instead of scooping it out with a palette knife. I purchased these squeeze bottles and I pour my paints into them. I find I am wasting a lot less paint by putting my paints in these squeeze bottles because I can better control the amount that comes out, and they are so much easier to use.

Nova Color Paints

My artist & friend, Jaime Haney, introduced me to Nova Color acrylic paints, which have a lower viscosity and are highly pigmented. Recently I have decided to switch totally over to Nova Color as I have fallen in love with their paints. They also sell gesso and painting mediums. When you order from Nova Color, you get the paints straight from them, with no middleman involved.

Canvas Bulk Buy Option from Michaels

I recently discovered you can purchase canvas in bulk from Michaels (online only), and this option gets you a deal of nearly 70% off the regular price. They run a few 70% off canvas sales each year, but with this option, you can get them for a great deal year round. I always get the level 3, professional quality canvases, at least until I find a space in my studio that could accommodate me stretching my own canvas.

24x24x1.5″ gallery wrapped canvases

Mobile Apps + Software


This apps title says exactly what it is. You can create collages out of pictures, just a few or many. You can choose from different layouts, background colors, fonts, and more. This is by far my favorite collage making app.

an image I created with PicCollage


Ever wondered how artists post to social media their paintings in frames nearly right after they are finished? Nope, those aren’t actual frames most of the time. They are probably using an app like FrameX, which I love. FrameX also offers in-room settings in which you can show your paintings, like the one below. This is a great way to display your work because it helps art buyers envision how your art can look in their space and in a frame.

Becoming Centered, 36×36 Acrylic on Canvas


This is the best video editing app I have found. I have edited many short videos for social media with this app. I especially like how it has a library of built in music and you can also choose the speed of your video. It’s also easy to split, crop, and rotate your video. I edited an entire three minute bio video with this app earlier this year. I am currently working on a new video and I will post it here when it’s finished.


Canva is a wonderful free online desktop publishing solution. They have templates that are easy to customize, including brochures, business cards, Instagram posts, and more. One of my favorite things to use Canva for is making eBooks. I’ve made two eBooks with Canva:

Selecting + Hanging Artwork: Tips for New Art Collectors
Unleash Your Creativity: Living a Creative Life

Page #1 of Selecting + Hanging Artwork: Tips for New Art Collectors

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Other Favorite Resources

The Messy Studio Podcast

I listen to several podcasts on a regular basis, but The Messy Studio is my favorite. Check out the podcast website for over 150 episodes by hosts Rebecca Crowell and Ross Ticknor.