I am an artist living with bipolar disorder, and living with this illness has required me to seek coping skills. Painting is relaxing and gives me an extra layer of purpose in my life. Painting allows me to create a dreamlike world of inner peace and allows me to experience the healing nature of art.

When I first began painting, I mostly created nonobjective abstract art, but after taking a still life painting class, my passion quickly shifted to bringing inanimate objects to life with color and brush strokes. Still life painting allows me to take control of the entire creative process, everything from the objects and their positioning to the lighting and backgrounds. Bipolar disorder causes me to have disorganized or very loosely connected thoughts when I am at my worst, and my works represent this disconnectedness. I love turning this disconnectedness into something beautiful.

I also founded Mindscapes, an art movement in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana whose mission is to erase stigma associated with mental illness.