I am a visual artist painting intuitive abstracts (my favorites to create), calming landscapes, colorful still life, and funky portraits. My obsession with painting began in 2009 on a trip to Michaels where somehow I ended up in the painting section, and on a whim I purchased an instructional watercolor book. I was hooked and finally got brave enough to leave the regular 8-5 work world in 2018. Then I started focusing on painting full-time.

When I first began painting, I mostly created nonobjective abstract art, but after taking a still life painting class, I found the class informed my abstract work. Still life painting allows me to take control of the entire creative process, everything from the objects and their positioning to the lighting and backgrounds, whereas abstract work allows me to unleash my emotions onto the canvas. In a way, I see abstract and still life to be on opposite poles, yet they do inform one another. I never plan my abstract pieces, but instead rely on spontaneity and imagination; my abstract work comes from within.

I reside in Evansville, Indiana with my husband, daughter, and our two cats. I received a Bachelor of Science from Murray State University, where I studied Business. In addition to painting, I enjoy reading (mostly art books), writing, traveling, and sipping iced chai tea lattes. I also live with depression and anxiety and I’ve found painting to be a great healing tool.

Winter to Spring Watermedia Exhibit at Hoosier Salon Gallery in New Harmony, Indiana, featuring members of the Watercolor Society of Indiana. February 2020