About Me

Hello there. I’m Lori Rivera, the painter behind this website. I live in Evansville, Indiana with my husband, Mike, our 9-year-old daughter, Autumn, and our two cats…Vincent Van Gogh (Vinny) and Mr. Wallace (Wally). In addition to art, I write posts regularly in my blog on this website, enjoy cooking with my daughter (she is the chef and I am her assistant), playing games with my family, spending time with friends, and making cool collages on my phone.

About My Art

Being surrounded by passionate artists while working in the nonprofit peer mental health field reawakened my interest in pursuing art as a career. Eventually I became brave enough to leave my day job in 2018 and venture into being fully committed to painting.


I create energetic and joyful art in oil and acrylic. Painting has saved me time and time again, but just as important as art is to my mental health, I love creating a feeling of happiness with my paintings. My abstracts tend to be vibrant and full of life — a natural extension of my normal psyche.

Abstract art is my favorite to create because it allows me to unleash my emotions onto the canvas, but I create representational pieces also. I alternate between abstract and representational work as I find objective work gives me the foundation I need in continually evolving my abstract paintings. My abstract art is never planned, but instead I rely on intuition and imagination, as the story unfolds through each brushstroke.


Watercolor Society of Indiana
Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana