Becoming Centered

Becoming Centered, 36×36 Acrylic on Canvas

Sometimes pieces flow out of me like this one did, while others can be more of a struggle. I felt very centered while painting “Becoming Centered” and I feel the title is a reflection on my life.

What does it mean to be “centered?” For me, being “centered” means having a great support system of family and friends, feeling mentally and physically healthy, getting to do what I love – painting and writing, and having a sense of purpose. It means getting up every day with the energy  to tackle and embrace whatever comes my way. It means not being burdened with the past or worried about the future.

Engaging in meaningful and deep relationships with close family and friends along with medication that works, helps keep me from experiencing major lows as I have lived with depression for several years now. Luckily, I haven’t experienced a low point for quite some time.

My art serves as a healing tool and has become my way of life. I often work through emotions in the first layer or two of each painting I create. I almost always start with dark colors and work up to lighter colors in the final layers. I feel as though this process is symbolic of rising up out of darkness, and signifies my triumph over depression. As I go through this process with each painting, I am reminded of where I’ve been and where I am now. And with each finished painting I become more centered.

I have been listening to modern jazz lately while I paint and have finished five pieces in my jazz inspiration series.  Going forward, I will only share small detail shots of the paintings until the full series is released in April 2021. 

How about you?  Do you feel centered? I would love to hear from you.

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