Getting Back in the Groove

IMG-1066“Fruit for Breakfast” 2019
9×12 oil on canvas panel

My daughter went back to school this Wednesday and even though I had planned on painting Wednesday, I actually didn’t get around to painting until today (Friday). Above is the piece I painted, and even though it’s not my best piece, I can live with it. I’m feeling a little rusty since I only painted about two pieces over the summer because my daughter was out of school. But now that she’s back in school, I must get on a schedule again.

Why is it so difficult to stay motivated sometimes, even though I love painting? I think like most people, I either get lazy, busy, or distracted by other things. I am going to try my hardest to paint every day, even if just for a few hours. My goal is a painting a day.

Speaking of which, I am currently reading “One Painting A Day” by Timothy Callaghan. I’m finding it to be an interesting read and I recommend the book.

Now that I’m painting again, it’s time to stock up on Galkyd and some more canvas panels. I may try to paint mostly with oils. I do like the way they turn out better than my acrylics. If you missed my post about oil versus acrylic, “Oil Painting is Winning My Heart”, you can catch it here.

I mainly just wanted to share the news that I’m painting again. I will start blogging again as well. Thank you for following me!

How do you stay motivated? I would love to hear.


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