Murals Can Bring Your Business (and City) to Life

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“You’re My Butter Half” United Way for Greater Austin mural, Austin, Texas

On a recent trip to Austin, Texas, we got creative and decided to do something fun that was also free. Who doesn’t love free, right?! Since we love art, we decided to mural hop!  While there are probably enough murals in Austin to keep you busy for days on end, we just mural hopped for a few hours, and were able to get photos with a handful of murals.

20181230_154526 (2)

Jerry’s Artarama murals, Austin, Texas

Where we live, in Evansville, Indiana, murals are pretty scarce. I can think of several, but not very many to speak of, and what a shame that is. Businesses that have four bare walls outside are wasting space — prime advertising space! Not only is that wasted advertising space, but I truly believe that businesses can draw in more patrons with murals, both locals and tourists.

If you hire an artist to create a catchy, iconic, or simply a beautiful type mural, that makes for an instagrammable post, which can draw people in to your business. It becomes a landmark that people want to visit. Every time a photo is taken by your business mural and it is posted to social media or elsewhere, that’s free advertising. Be sure to have your business name listed (small) somewhere in the mural.

PAZ Vet Clinic murals, Austin, Texas

Take the PAZ Vet Clinic, for example. What a great way to advertise their business by adding murals of a cat and dog to their building. It’s a billboard that pays for itself. Not adding a mural to your building is akin to not printing something on the back of your business card. Don’t waste space! 😉

There are many artists in Evansville who can create murals. If you don’t know where to start, reach out to the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana as a starting point to find an artist who can help. I would love to create a mural someday, but haven’t done so yet, and a collaborative mural would be so much fun as well!

Culinary Dropout restaurant mural, Austin, Texas

After visiting Austin, and of course other larger cities, it makes me realize how much art can make a city fun and make it more unique and attractive. Bring your city to life with art!

Just for fun, I used the Photofunia app to create a mural on this red wall of my tea (or coffee) painting. Wouldn’t that be cool on a coffeehouse!


Future mural!

And finally…my family survived my driving in Austin!



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