Contain & Release Series…Expressing Emotions

This series started on January 6th, 2018, in which I finished the first painting and then decided that it should become a series. Many times we have emotions that cause us turmoil so we contain them. Unfortunately, when we do this they only seem to worsen and they permeate our existence and contaminate our environment.

In this series my goal is to paint purely from emotion, including color choice, lines, shapes, etc. Painting is a therapeutic tool for me and this series is to inspire you to explore your emotions and release them in a way that is healthy too. When I painted these pieces, I did not think about the outcome, but instead painted whatever I felt at the moment, relying totally on emotion.

In each piece, if you look hard enough, you will see a container of some sort. These containers are different shapes and you may have to use your imagination to see them. Some have lids and some do not. This is to represent the release of emotions (lid off) and the containment of emotions (lid on). Sometimes we only share a glimpse of ourselves (our emotions) to those around us. We do this out of fear of letting our true selves shine through, to protect ourselves, and many other reasons.

There are four pieces in this series, shown below.

Contain and Release I

Contain and Release II

Contain and Release III

Contain and Release IV

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