Welcome! Thank you for dropping by my website and learning more about my work. I am a Midwest visual artist and am most drawn to abstract intuitive painting that relies on spontaneity and imagination. I am influenced by the abstract expressionist movement and intuitive painters living today.

I have also just begun teaching intuitive abstract acrylic painting lessons. These are one-on-one individualized sessions for 2-3 hours, and supplies are provided. You can sign up for just one session or as many as you’d like. I have availability Mon-Sat, and on Sunday for an additional hourly fee.

I have been painting since 2009, but on a serious level for about two years. I have taken a few classes in figure drawing and still life, but my abstract work is mostly self-taught (and always experimental) and is also influenced by my training.

In 2019, I self-published “Paint Naturally: Internally Focused Abstract Art Workshop” that is geared for beginners wanting to learn my process. It includes eight hands-on step-by-step tutorials and abstract art tips.

I ship worldwide and I take commissions. Email me with your questions about my art, or call me at 812-205-4157.